How to Keep Makeup Brushes Clean?

Investment in makeup brushes can be for long term only if you keep them clean and wet. Avoiding the cleanliness of makeup brushes is the most often thing we do and one of the step that we always neglect in our makeup routine. The common reason or excuse we use for not cleaning the brushes is- oh I need to use them tomorrow and they won’t dry! Well stop making excuses because if you want to get flawless skin and good appearance you need to clean your makeup brushes at least once in a week.

Especially professionals makeup artists should clean their brushes once in a week as their brushes use mostly, however if you are using them at home then you can clean them twice in a month and believe me it won’t take a day for dry, just need few hours to completely dry. Remember if your brushes are dirty or not clean well, then they can contribute to dull complexion and blocked pores as well. Dirty makeup brushes can be a breeding ground for bacteria and just think how many bacteria are on your face daily? Obviously we don’t want to take risk with our skin so it’s good to take out some time from your busy schedule for cleaning the makeup brushes. If you clean your brushes regularly it will help in removing oil, dirt, bacteria, old makeup and dead skin cells etc. and also keep them soft and supple.

So if you are ready now to clean your makeup brushes, pick some things that you will need in the process such as rubbing alcohol, soap, baby shampoo, sponge, olive oil and hair conditioner. There are several ways to clean the makeup brushes. Here we discuss some tips about how to clean makeup brushes easily:

Prepare a solution with water and a tablespoon of baby shampoo. At the same time have a glass of clean water before soaking the brushes in solution. You can also keep them under running water of faucet.

* For few minutes, swirl your brushes by pressing gently into the bowl and don’t insert its metal part or the part where the handle begins.

* After that give your brush a good rinse under soft running water and let them dry.

Here may be you get worried to get brushes wet but this will not harm your brushes and to keep them in its normal form, just keep the bristles downwards while cleaning and after that squeeze the water from the brushes in its original direction and let them fry for hours before using them again.

In addition if you store your brushes properly at clean place then it will help your brushes to stay away from dirt and bacteria. Some brushes come with their own case or containers, so it’s good to store them in their own case to avoid dirt. Otherwise you can purchase cosmetic containers or bags to keep your brushes clean and free from bacteria. If you have sensitive skin, you can use cleaner spray regularly to keep them little cleaner before giving them deep cleaning.