The colorful house of a Viennese designer

In this department of the Austrian capital, the French interior designer Didier Benderli created an architectural and aesthetic tour revaluing the fantastic collection of art of the owners and relying on a colorful that made his own during his years in Brazil.

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“It is very difficult to use color in the decoration when there are so many works of art and so colorful; But, at the same time, forced us to reflect on the color in general. We used noble materials (such as oval hall wood) and neutral colors (except for two exceptions, in the dining room and in the master bedroom) so that the works could be expressed and ‘dialogued’ between them, “says architect and art historian Didier Benderli on the work of his studio in this Viennese department. He also acknowledges that, beyond all rationality, there is in his taste the indelible mark of his years of work and training in Brazil, where he went to finish his studies. “I was very impressed by that country: its energy, its spontaneity, a certain frenzy. That and using the natural materials available there influenced my style. ” Going back to the works -impactants- explains: “What we see is not the complete collection. We select the works together with the clients according to two concepts: on the one hand, the coherence of what we wanted to present (some fabrics do not work together); On the other, the limits that space posed us. ” Seeing the result, “limits” is the last word that comes to mind!